Thursday Nov 26, 2020

Achieving a highly reliable organization — Part 2

On this episode, we continue our discussion on high reliability and how it can transform the system failings that cause clinical errors. Two leading experts examine health care organizations that have used the principles of high reliability to reduce dangerous errors such as pressure ulcers and drastically improve their care over a number of clinical indicators.


Guest speakers:

David Munch, MD

Senior Principal



Bradley Schultz, MBA





Tomas Villanueva, DO, MBA, FACPE, SFHM

Associate Vice President

Clinical Resources



Show Notes

[00:17] Principles of high reliability

[05:10] Importance of having a team at work

[05:35] Reliability in the front lines

[07:17] Example of Northwestern Memorial Hospital

[08:11] Example of Nebraska Medicine

[08:49] Example of New Hanover Regional Medical Center


Links | Resources:

Evidence Brief: Implementation of High Reliability Organization Principles (NIH) Click here

HRO Development Services – Achieving a high reliability organization (Munch) Click here

The Future of Health Care (Vizient page) Click here

High Reliability (AHRQ) Click here


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