Addressing Hospital-Acquired Conditions (HACs) after COVID-19 – Part 1

Even before the pandemic, health care organizations struggled with Hospital-Acquired Conditions (HACs), and the outbreak of COVID-19 only worsened infection rates. In this five-part series, we will examine four leading HACs to discuss why their rates went up and proven approaches hospital staff can use to reduce them.


Guest speaker:

Richard Beaver, B.S. Chem, MBB, CPHQ

Senior Consulting Director




Tomas Villanueva, DO, MBA, FACPE, SFHM


Clinical Operations and Quality



Show Notes:

[01:05] Situation today regarding HACs, as seen in the Vizient Clinical Data Base (CDB)

[01:45] Major HACs

[02:21] Effect of the pandemic

[03:17] Insights post-COVID

[07:15] Line placement: who owns the lines

[08:52] Impactful HACs

[10:06] Role of clinician resilience

[11:24] Financial implications/penalties


Links | Resources:

Rick Beaver’s contact email:

CMS Hospital-Acquired Condition (HAC) fact sheet Click here

CMS Hospital-Acquired Condition (HAC) reduction program Click here

Information on Vizient’s Clinical Data Base (CDB) Click here

AHRQ tools to reduce HACs Click here


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