Advancing team culture: workforce effectiveness during COVID-19 and beyond – Part 3

In this third and final episode of our series on building a team culture, we examine the role of scope of practice, training and fostering a psychologically safe environment to improve and sustain workforce capability.


Guest speakers:

Robert Dean, DO, MBA

Senior Vice President

Performance Management



Katie Davis, RN, MS-HSM

Clinical Workforce Solutions Intelligence Director




Tomas Villanueva, DO, MBA, FACPE, SFHM

Associate Vice President

Clinical Resources



Show Notes:

[00:20] Scope of practice and team-based care

[05:59] Core competencies

[08:44] Story from Northwestern Memorial Hospital

[09:38] A new timeline

[09:56] Attributes of a team-based culture

[10:51] The role of virtual health

[11:48] Story from Vidant Health


Links | Resources:

Vizient playbook: Advancing team culture for workforce effectiveness Click here

“Disruptive and Toxic Behaviors in Healthcare (Holloway, Kusy) Click here

Leading Frontline COVID-19 Teams: Research-Informed Strategies (Kerrisey, Singer—NEJM Catalyst, September 2020) Click here

What Healthcare Workers Need from Leaders in COVID-19 Crisis (Ratanjee, Foy – Gallup, April 2020) Click here

Diversity Still Matters (Dolan, Hunt, Prince, Sancier-Sultan—McKinsey & Company, May 2020) Click here

“Implementing Optimal Team-Based Care to Reduce Clinician Burnout” (National Academy of Medicine discussion paper – September 17, 2018) Click here

“Association Between Provider Engagement, Staff Engagement, and Culture of Safety” (Journal of Healthcare Quality, July/Aug 2020) Click here

Toxic Workplace!: Managing Toxic Personalities and Their Systems of Power (Kusy, Holloway). Book ordering information: Click here


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