Thursday May 18, 2023

Benefits of improved clinical communication: a success story, Part 2

For the first time on this award-winning podcast, a faithful listener is sitting in the guest seat as he shares an exciting tool his team has developed to improve communication on an oncology floor. Join Tom as he continues his discussion with Dr. Dev Mannuru on this SBAR-based tool (Situation – Background – Assessment – Recommendation) that has produced phenomenal results.



Tomas Villanueva, DO, MBA, FACPE, SFHM

Senior Principal

Clinical Operations and Quality




Devendranath (Dev) Mannuru, MD, CHCOM

Internal Medicine Hospitalist

CDI and Quality Physician Advisor

Sanford Hospital – Fargo


Show Notes:

[00:55] Outcomes from the project – several metrics showing progress and success

[02:56] Effect on nursing turnover and morale

[04:10] Benefits of geographical/team rounding and use of tool

[04:51] Better questions asked during rounding – clarity for physicians and clinicians

[06:00] Whole team engaged

[07:28] Focus: length of stay vs team clarity

[08:58] Improved team approach to patient care


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Dev’s email:

Oncology Nursing SBAR – Final Copy (Sanford Hospital): Click here

Nursing SBAR for Med-Surg Units – Final Copy (Sanford Hospital): Click here

Interact and impact framework (Vizient presentation): Click here


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