Thursday Jul 01, 2021

Care approaches for COVID-19 long-haulers – Part 1

“Long-haulers” are those who contracted COVID-19 and cannot shake off the effects weeks or months later. These patients can experience continual impaired lung function, mental incapacity, dizziness, tiredness and other maladies lingering on from the disease. This podcast features excerpts from a recent webcast that discussed one health care organization’s clinic outreach to COVID long-haulers as well as Sg2 research into the various conditions represented.


Guest speakers:

Madeline McDowell, MD

Principal, Intelligence



Rex McCallum, MD

Chief Physician Executive

UTMB Health


Justin Seashore, MD

Director, Post Recovery COVID-19 Recovery Clinic

UTMB Health



Tomas Villanueva, DO, MBA, FACPE, SFHM

Associate Vice President

Clinical Resources



Show Notes:

[02:05] Conditions caused by long-term COVID

[02:20] Treating with multiple specialists

[02:54] The time is now

[04:36] Becoming aware of other symptoms associated with COVID

[06:39] Defining the post-COVID patient

[08:10] Getting the word to the community

[09:41] Referrals

[10:03] Patient assessments


Links | Resources:

UTMB Health: Post COVID Recovery Clinic Click here

COVID “Long Haulers”: Long-Term Effects of COVID-19 Click here

Vizient webcast: Care approaches for COVID-19 long-haulers Click here


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