Thursday Jul 14, 2022

Comprehensive quality transformation – Part 3

On this episode of our award-winning podcast, we conclude a three-part series on how to focus on areas that will bring comprehensive quality transformation to your practice. Developing a culture that embraces  this focus is a key to sustaining your efforts.


Guest speakers:
Rick May, MD
Senior Principal, Clinical Quality Improvement
Orthopedic Surgeon


Tod Baker, BS
Principal, Clinical Quality Improvement


Tomas Villanueva, DO, MBA, FACPE, SFHM
Principal, Clinical Operations and Quality


Show Notes:

[00:35] Streamline what your organization measures

[01:02] Too much data

[01:50] Talk with the folks on the front line

[02:18] What good data should include – success with one indicator

[04:15] Just start and make it simple

[04:43] Transforming culture – one unit or department as a starting point

[06:44] The perfect approach – from a surgeon’s standpoint

[08:26] The perfect approach – from an analyst’s standpoint

[09:27] The future


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