Developing a business intelligence organization – Part 2

“Bad data leads to $3.1 trillion in lost revenue opportunity,” says Tod Baker, quoting from a recent IBM study. Yet, good data empowers organizations, providing strategic direction and market advantage. On this episode, we continue our discussion on the imperatives for health care organizations to improve their business intelligence capabilities and the use of good data.


Guest speaker:
Tod Baker, BS
Principal, Clinical Quality Improvement


Tomas Villanueva, DO, MBA, FACPE, SFHM
Principal, Clinical Operations and Quality


Show Notes:

[00:24] Empowering the success of an organization

[00:41] Bad data leads to $3.1T in lost revenue opportunities

[00:52] Three stages in evolution of analytics

[02:51] The need for focus and leadership

[03:28] How to prepare for the conversation with the CFO

[04:56] Characteristics of successful organizations

[05:49] Steps to success

[07:00] Getting started


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