Fit for the future: challenges facing health care systems in a pandemic era and how to solve them — Part 1

Before the COVID outbreak, decreasing margins and other challenges were bringing health care to a tipping point, and after the pandemic, health care passed that tipping point. Hospitals and hospital systems were experiencing a fundamental shift in their business models. On this episode, we discuss how health care organizations can address the financial headwinds they face in this new era.


Guest speaker:

Celina Burns


Financial Performance Solutions




Tomas Villanueva, DO, MBA, FACPE, SFHM

Associate Vice President

Clinical Resources



Show Notes

[01:33] Landscape of health care today

[02:58] Passing the tipping point

[04:19] Five critical areas of opportunity

[05:42] Hospital-physician partnership

[06:26] Need for urgency

[06:55] A different business model

[07:54] Depletion of Medicare funds driving innovation

[08:53] What the recovery period looks like

[10:31] Radical transformation

[11:22] A necessary change in attitude


Links | Resources:

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Hospital margins fell 174% in April Click here


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