Thursday Apr 11, 2024

Improving care with single-use ureteroscopes, Part 1

The latest generation of single-use endoscopes promises a revolutionary role in surgery. On this episode of our award-winning podcast, we discuss the impact and benefits of single-use ureteroscopes.


Tomas Villanueva, DO, MBA, FACPE, SFHM
Senior Principal
Performance Improvement Consulting

Andrew Bruenderman, MHA
Category Manager
Surgical Services


Show Notes:
[01:48] Early models were lacking; new models are advanced and improved
[02:49] Cross-contamination and adverse events from multiuse scopes
[04:15] Safety approaches with single-use scopes
[05:21] Wave of the future?
[06:20] Shelf life of single-use ureteroscopes and associated efficiencies
[07:37] Problems with early models may cause reluctance to use later models


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Vizient TechWatch article on single-use ureteroscopes:
Vizient TechWatch Medical Device Vol. 3 (Single-Use Ureteroscopes).pdf


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