Mortality Reduction – Part 3

On this episode, we continue our discussion on mortality by addressing hospice and palliative approaches as a way to provide improved care for patients and improve hospital mortality scores.


Guest speaker:

Aman Sabharwal, MD, MHA, CPHM

Executive Principal

Operations and Quality




Tomas Villanueva, DO, MBA, FACPE, SFHM


Clinical Operations and Quality



Show Notes:

[00:35] Hesitancy in leveraging palliative and hospice care

[01:08] A success story with palliative care

[01:51] Vizient Clinical Data Base analytic can pinpoint use of palliative and hospice care in an organization

[02:22] The advanced directive process: everyone’s responsibility

[03:04] Surgeons and the medical record

[04:05] Triggering palliative care consults

[05:28] Patients discharged to hospice do not factor into hospital mortality index

[06:02] Mortality review – best practice


Links | Resources:

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Aman Sabharwal’s contact email:

Mortality Measures Hospital-Specific Reports (CMS) Click here

Selected Best Practices and Suggestions for Improvement – Mortality (AHRQ) Click here

Variation in US Hospital Mortality Rates for Patients Admitted With COVID-19 During the First 6 Months of the Pandemic (JAMA Internal Medicine) Click here


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