Optimizing your national scorecard performance

There are dozens of national scorecards and hundreds of metrics to track the performance of health care organizations. Yet, it is a challenge to use these metrics to improve care. From deciding on which scorecard to use to figuring out how to best employ scorecard metrics, the choices can be bewildering. On this episode, we’ll discuss how you can address these issues and optimize your organization’s national scorecard performance.


Guest speaker:
Rick May, MD
Senior Principal
Clinical Quality Improvement
Orthopedic Surgeon

Tomas Villanueva, DO, MBA, FACPE, SFHM
Clinical Operations and Quality


Show Notes:

[01:54] Evolution of national scorecards

[02:54] The move away from paying for bad outcomes

[03:40] Recognizing the value of scorecards

[04:43] Reliability of the scoring systems

[05:57] Who looks at scorecards, and how scorecards affect their choices

[07:25] Drawbacks and limitations

[08:24] The Vizient approach


Links | Resources:

To contact Modern Practice: modernpracticepodcast@vizientinc.com

Dr. May’s contact email: rick.may@vizientinc.com


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