Stress First Aid – Part 1

Already in a high-stress occupation, health care workers have been severely tested by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. While others have stayed at home, health care workers have been unable to practice isolation but have had to go into a workplace where they confront the sickest in the population, where staffing has often been inadequate and e. Burn-out is rife and finding a way to deal with stress a priority. Stress First Aid is a program developed to allow health care workers to use their peer-to-peer relationships to increase resilience and improve their well-being.


Guest speaker:

Courtney Gidengil, MD, MPH

Senior Physician Policy Researcher

Director, Boston Office

The Rand Corporation

Associate Physician in Pediatrics

Boston Children’s Hospital



Tomas Villanueva, DO, MBA, FACPE, SFHM

Associate Vice President

Clinical Resources



Show Notes:

[01:05] Defining “Stress First Aid”

[02:24] Impact of COVID

[03:30] Clinical decisions and stress

[04:40] Using peer-to-peer connections

[06:30] The Stress First Aid program


Links | Resources:

Vizient’s SFA Overview for Health Care Professionals Click here

Workplace Stress Impacts Health Care Workers (U of Michigan) Click here


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