What does transformation look like in the post-pandemic era? – Part 2

Drastic forces unleashed by COVID-19 have transformed everything, including health care. Clinical care delivery has changed. Health policies have changed. Regulation and payment have changed. Whether or not these changes will last is up in the air as the pandemic enters a second year. On this episode, part two of a series, Modern Practice brings back an expert who will look at what has happened and address questions and concerns about what will happen.


Guest speaker:
Celina Burns
Financial Performance Solutions


Tomas Villanueva, DO, MBA, FACPE, SFHM
Associate Vice President
Clinical Resources


Show Notes:
[00:23] Acquisition, compensation and productivity
[02:27] Hospital-physician engagement
[03:59] Care access in the future and Walmart “health hubs”
[05:55] Health insurance trends and the payor role
[08:38] Head winds in the work force
[10:18] Redesign and Social Determinants of Health


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Practice and Policy Reset Post-COVID-19 Click here


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