Thursday Aug 11, 2022

Workplace violence in health care – Part 2

According to a recent report by Reuters, health care is one of the most dangerous fields of work, and the American Hospital Association backs this up by saying 75 percent of all episodes of workplace violence occur in health care organizations. On this episode, the discussion focuses on how to recognize and prevent these occurrences before they happen.


Guest speaker:
Diana Scott, MHA, RN, CPHQ


Tomas Villanueva, DO, MBA, FACPE, SFHM
Clinical Operations and Quality


Show Notes:

[01:00] Physician and emotional impact

[01:58] Ripple effect, low morale and financial toll

[03:33] Where violence can occur

[05:40] Behavioral health and the value of connection

[06:42] Red flags to watch for

[08:05] Actions to mitigate violence

[10:29] Policies to address violence


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Fact sheet: Health Care Workplace Violence and Intimidation (AHA) Click Here

Navigating the hazard of rising violence in health care facilities (Reuters) Click Here


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